Artist of The Moment: Naomi Cowan- Peace of Mind

Your my peace of mind…

I truly enjoy a great skankin’ chune. Maybe it’s the lover gaal in me, but this is the type of music I grew up on as well. This is the type of music I use to catch my stepmother (R.I.P) dancing to once Sabbath was over. Nothing but love vybz (vibes). The type of music that just makes you feel good inside. All you want to do is pull up to your babez and express that love through dance. I’m so happy to see artist such as Naomi Cowan keeping this type of music alive. I always catch a vibe when I pull up this track. Maybe because I’m madly in love with my King that “every time him pass mi skin mi teeth“.

Check out Naomi Cowan with her track Peace of Mind.