Word Wednesday: Brittany Campbell- Matter

Do we matter?

With all the black lives that have been taken such as Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and many others, the Afro culture can’t help but to ask the question “DO WE MATTER?” Here’s a beautiful piece presented by the lovely Brittany Campbell expressing her thoughts about how she feels about the current state of society.

Brittany Campbell is an award winning singer, songwriter, producer, actress, and animator. When you hear this lovely lady’s voice, you’ll see why she earned those awards. Not only is her voice one of a kind, but her pen game is deep. You can feel her poetic soul on this track. During times such as these where the world is more receptive due to this pandemic, I feel it’s a very important time for everyone to vocalize. All it takes is one person to speak up and you would be surprised at how many more people will vocalize because of that one brave soul.

Check out Brittany Campbell with her track Matter.
You can follow Brittany on Instagram and on her site BrittanyCampbell.com.