Thank You Dad Thursday

Bwen rysun (good morning)!
Some people wish for cars, some wish for a big house, and some just wish simply to have a father present in their life. Many don’t get the pleasure of knowing their father and building an amazing relationship with him. I know some of you have noticed that I haven’t updated the site this week, but unfortunately I had lost my father this past week. This hasn’t been the easiest week for me what so ever, but I’ve been getting through it with the help of God.

If you know me, then you’d know that my father was my best friend, my number one supporter, and my number one critic. I loved my dad to death, he was my world. I would have to say I get my positive nature from him. No matter what obstacles he faced in life, he always remained optimistic. I used to consider my father “fearless” because there’s nothing in this world that I’ve ever seen him not face head on. There was no such thing as the word “CAN’T” in his vocabulary. My father believed that anything you set your mind to, you CAN make happen.

My father began his career in his teens as a cop back in Kingston, Jamaica. He joined the force with the intention of cleaning up the streets of Jamaica. My father took pride in his country and wanted to make it a safer place. Until this day, I’ll meet people who knew my father as a cop. They would tell me how amazing of a man he was and how he pushed hard to shift the culture in Jamaica. My father would tell me stories of being an officer back in Jamaica during the 70s & 80s and how it wasn’t an easy job, so when he would see news reports saying things like “Officer kills man by placing his knee on his neck“, my father would shake his head in disgust. He’d tell me how he would never do that as a cop and tell me this is the reason why good cops get a bad rep. He took pride in treating everyone with respect as an officer, which is why he was remembered for being a great cop.

When he married my mother, he moved to the US to begin a new life. He wanted to join the Sheriff’s department, but once I was born, he realized he wanted to spend more time with his children and settled as being a Security Guard. My father worked 2 jobs his WHOLE life here in America. While working 2 jobs over the years, he still managed to join the NAACP, be a big brother for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, and still managed to have his little side business at one point. The one thing I will always remember my father for next to his intelligence, wisdom, and heart of gold, was his optimism. Even when my parents were divorced (and their divorce was nasty) my father would still call me to see if I learned a new word in the dictionary. He would write me emails just to give me uplifting words and say how he knows I’m going to make it in life. He rarely cursed or used profanity (I really don’t know where I got my potty mouth from). He had a beautiful smile an a laugh that you couldn’t ignore. He was a “Gentle Giant“. He was a big guy both ways (height & weight) which intimidated people when they would first see him, but once he smiled, that sense of intimidation would be dismissed. He would take the shirt off of his back for anyone. He had a pure heart and always pushed me to the max. No matter what, he supported me in anything I did, even if I wasn’t sure myself. I would say “Dad, I want to be a vet.” He would say “Well, you need to start learning about different animals and study.” Years later, I said “Dad, I want to be a lawyer.” He said, “Good! You need to start getting familiar with the law and the terminology, but you can do it!.” When I made it to my mid 20s, I finally expressed my passion for music to him (I always knew I wanted to do music, but never told anyone) and he said “Wow, I never knew you wanted to sing. Why didn’t you ever tell me? Well, you may need to take singing lessons, but you can do it.

I cannot recall a time in my life where my father ever told me that I CAN’T do something. He always felt like anything was possible once you set your mind to it. I respected the person my father was and the person my father has helped mold me into. There are many people in this world that wish they could know how it feels to have a father present in their life. I’m thankful that I got the opportunity to get to know my father and developed the best relationship anyone could have with their father. Even though my father may not be here, I’m thankful for the times we shared. I’m thankful for him being a positive influence within my life. Many would kill to have the father that I had. My father was one who only spoke positive affirmations, one who motivated you for better, one who didn’t believe that anything wasn’t possible.

As I say goodbye to my father, I also say thank you for him being an amazing father and for always being a positive influence within my life. Many would kill to have the relationship that my father an I had. I never once took it for granted. I loved my dad and even though he’s not here, I’m thankful for every lesson he has taught me in life. I’m thankful for every positive affirmation he has spoken into existence within my life. I’m thankful for having a father that was present within my life whenever who could be. Like I said before, there’s many that don’t get an opportunity to know their fathers, so I’m thankful for every moment I spent with my father.

Rest in power King! I have nothing to worry about because I know you’re in good hands, GOD’S HANDS to be exact. May your positive spirit live on until we meet again King! Rest in peace Dad and I love you! To anyone who has a father out there, never take your father for granted. To fathers out there, spend as much time as you can with your kids, these moments are precious and you never know when it will come to an end. Thank you once again Dad, you will be missed!