Artist of the Moment: Burna Boy- Monsters You Made

Can we say deep…

This whole week, my main discussion has been about how I don’t feel a connection to my country (United States of America). As an African American woman, I am proud to say I’m from Florida, but America in general, I can’t say the same. When you see people from lands such as Jamaica, Cuba, and Trinidad, the citizens of those countries rep their land with pride. Why don’t I feel like that in America? Shouldn’t I be proud to say I’m an America and wave my flag with pride? Why am I ashamed to even hold up the American flag? Probably because I think of all the hardships I have had in this country as a black woman. I think of how I have been rejected jobs because of my more “ethnic” name. I think about the times I’ve been discriminated against because of my “natural” hair. I think about how I still feel like a SLAVE to this country, a piece of property to this land, a 3rd class citizen, yet we’re all equal, right?

I believe many African descendants feel the way I do. They’re traumatized, angry, and hurt. We’re having a hard time expressing ourselves. Can you blame us for having so much rage? Seeing our people being killed in front of us on social media daily, as if it’s normal”, as if we’re cattle, as if we’re game being hunted, it is sickening! So understand why I feel Burna Boy on this track Monsters You Made. Nobody can fully blame African descendants for acting out the way they’re acting out because this culture and system have turned African descendants into monsters with their corruption and conditioning.

This video and message is rather deep and powerful. I respect Burna Boy for always standing up in what he believes in and speaking out against the corruption. Check out Burna Boy with his track Monsters You Made.