Understanding Who The Moors Were: A History

One of the things I always preach to EVERYONE, not just White people, not just Brown, but also Black people, is to learn the PROPER history when it comes to Black History and have an open mind.
Black history cannot be learned within one month (February is a short month as well), because Black culture is all over the world. Living in the States (United States of America) I feel that we aren’t getting the full understanding of Black history and how deep it really goes. We are all taught the same things over and over again during the same time of the year while attending public school (you private school folks may be getting taught differently, lucky you 🙂). February is Black History Month for us in the States. Next to that, we may get a little history near Thanksgiving where we’re reminded that we were slaves and even though a lot of our people were already in America (Like the Moors and Natives), somehow an Italian man from Spain receives the credit of discovering America (Central and South America to be more precise, along with the Caribbean). We use terms such as Native Americans or Indian, not realizing many Black people we’re the Indigenous people of these lands. Many were NATIVES to the Americas. So why does Columbus get to dictate history? History. Well it’s just that, his story

We are currently within the Age of Information, and the current evidence of truth is out there thanks to the Wide World Web (that’s what “www” stands for when you enter it into the search bar. You’re welcome 😁). People are starting to learn the “real” history that contradicts what many were taught in school. Many people don’t know about the destructive nature of Christopher Columbus, but for some reason we have a holiday in remembrance of this man. A man who thought it was acceptable to sell Native Americans’ body parts as dog food. Once again, why do we have a holiday in remembrance of this man 🤷🏽‍♀️?

The Moors were a powerful group of people who were on these lands way before Columbus even knew of these places. So let’s get to learn a little more (I hope you get that’s a pun for “Moor” 🤦🏽‍♀️) about the Moors. Presented by HomeTeam History, here’s their video Understanding the History of the Moors: A History.