Trending Tuesday: Tarrus Riley- Lighter Featuring Shenseea

How can’t this track be a winner…

Two artist that I highly rate on one track, Tarrus Riley and Shenseea.

I have been a long time fan of Tarrus Riley since he hit the music scene (in the states) with She’s Royal. I can’t even tell you how much this man’s music has gotten me through. His music kept my spirit alive after losing someone close to me. I was listening to Tarrus Riley for months during that chapter of my life. I still hold his music dear to my heart. So you know ANYTIME this man drops a chune (tune), I’m all ears. As I was browsing through Youtube (like usual), I seen Tarrus Riley and Shenseea. Now you all know I love Shenseea as well and have written about her before. I knew these two together on a track would be dynamite. Straight positive vybz (vibes). No cursing, no violence, just straight love and positivity. Who said you have to be obscene to make great quality music? Point proven, you don’t. This track is fire!

Check out Tarrus Riley with his track Lighter featuring Shenseea.