Watch Out For Dem Wednesday: Smiddy Allen Poe- People Sell You Anything

We all have been around people who will sell you anything. They talk a good game, but can’t back it. You always got to watch who you invest your energy into, because some people are here just to drain your energy. We’ve all had those type of experiences at some point in our lives. We’re so quick to listen to people without doing our research and end up making bad investments. We invest in the wrong friends and in the wrong people simply because we didn’t take our time out to really get to know these people. We’re human though, right.

Smiddy Allen Poe is a gifted poet full of vibes and reigning from Riverdale, Georgia. Smiddy Allen Poe is also a beatmaker and has a rather unique ear for music. Smiddy is passionate about his music and you can hear it. He definitely has a unique poetic flow. Another thing that stands out in his music is his spirituality. I love how he can vocalize about real life situations from a spiritual stand point within his music. I’m definitely vybn (vibing) to this breddren.

There’s nothing that I love more than an artist that spits some real. We’re so use to hearing the same things over and over again in media, that it’s becoming normal to only hear songs about sex, drugs, women and other things that fit within that culture when it comes to Hip Hop. So I love when I can find artists that really use music to send a message, drop some knowledge, or even heal others through their music. With that being said, check out Smiddy Allen Poe with his latest track People Sell You Anything.