Artist of the MOment Monday: Cjones- Hands Up Don’t Shoot

“There’s wars in these streets, everybody got beef.” …Wooooooo…

No matter if you’re in Nigeria dealing with Sars (Special Anti-Robbery Squad) , or America dealing with Law Enforcement Officers, internationally we can see that police brutality happens on all ends of the world. People are dying at the hands of officers who are suppose to serve and protect us, but the population that is killed the most are people of African descent. Whether it’s America or Nigeria, people of the African Diaspora are the main majority being killed by the police. Now we live within an era where people are tired and aren’t condoning this Babylonian rule any longer. Protest have taken off on all ends of the world and people are vocalizing more about the unjustifiable mannerisms towards the African Diaspora. There’s a mass movement of younger generations (Millennials & Gen X) taking over the streets and protesting. Not only are protest hitting the streets, but it’s also hitting the music. During these times, we are watching a shift within Hip Hop music. We had fun with that turn up and lit era of music, but now it seems we’re moving more towards a political yet rebellious era of music. Speak your peace! Stand up for what you believe in. Call out what is unethical.

This artist brings a message with his music that seems to hit home with today’s current events when it comes to police brutality. Check out this week’s artist of the moment CJones with his track Hands Up Don’t Shoot.