Artist of the Moment Monday: Shaybo- Dobale

Dobale. Dobale. The queen has entered jekin sukale…

Believe it or not, I felt that I had an idea of what the hook meant, I wasn’t fully sure, but I was rapping it like I spoke the lengo (language) fluently. Talk about knowing how to lay some verses down in multiple languages, this sistren does just that! I love the lyricism. I’ve been hearing more and more about southern London the more I get into the UK’s music scene, which has me wondering how hardcore Southern London was or is. Regardless, this track has so much flavor. It’s hood, it’s sassy, the beat’s a crazy infusion that gives you Afro-Yoruba vybz (vibes) intertwined with rap. It’s just a fwecjo (fire) track in so many ways.

Check out this week’s artist of the moment Shaybo with her track Dobale.