Artist of the Moment: Joyner Lucas- Zim Zimma

Zim Zimma. Who got the keys to my m***f*** beamer b****…

Foreal doj, who got my keys 👀 😅 (I don’t got money like that doj).
How can you ever go wrong with Joyner Lucas. I’ve been following him for some years now. I got an oppurtunity to listen to his latest album Evolution and was highly impressed (like usual when it comes to Joyner). I was listening to his album one day while working and when it got to this track, I had to put it on repeat. Once I finished working, I headed to the car, hooked up the Bluetooth, and blasted this song with the speakers bustin’ heavy. The bass is off the chain, lyricism on point (once again, it’s Joyner), and the bars he drops just makes you have to crack a smile. He’s definitely smooth yet rough with it. Regardless, this track is fwecjo 🔥.

Check out this week’s artist of the moment Joyner Lucas with his track Zim Zimma.