Freedom of Speech Friday: TRUEMENDOUS- Cause A Scene

Cause a scene is right 👀…

The one thing I enjoy the most about music is how there are so many ways to express yourself on a track. Not only does this song have a unique sound, but the visuals carry a strong message. You can feel the energy on this track. There’s so much going on in the world right now, that people are starting to “cause a scene”. Protest are happening across the globe (internationally). Freedom is what the world is screaming for at the and we’re coming across a new generation that’s willing to cause a scene for their freedom. Truemendous has a unique way of expressing that on her most recent track. She infuses so many sounds in one and so many flows that you can’t help but to pay attention to what is going on within her video. This is truly a unique track and awesome visuals.

I present for this Freedom of Speech Friday Truemendous with her track Cause A Scene.