Artist of the Moment Monday: Mavado- Never Go Win x Ivoltage

Top shotta nuh miss…

Mavado the Gully God doesn’t miss when he a shell dung di place wid ‘im music. I still remember the days of being in my father’s kitchen with my brothers and sister and singing Top Shotta Nuh Miss like we were rocking out at a concert.
My parents are from Jamaica, and I was the first out of my father’s five children to be born in the states. So when my brothers and sister came to the states (and we’re all music lovers by the way), we’d exchange so much music. My older brother was a fan of Mavado and introduced me to some of his music, an I’ve been a fan since. The one thing I appreciate with Mavado’s music is his messages. You can have Top Shotta Mavado, Heartbeat Mavado, but best of all, spiritual Mavado. Mavado has a unique way of passing on a message through his music that relates to some spiritual knowledge he has obtained. Mavado’s wordplay with music is smooth. Take for example his track Delilah. You can listen to this song and have an understanding of the type of girl Delilah is, but if you’re familiar with certain scriptures and doctrines, then you may be able to relate Delilah to a Bibical character. Long story short, Delilah married Samsung to learn how he got his strength just so she could hand him over to the enemy (The Philistines).
Dang, that’s messed up. So Delilah isn’t anything a woman wants to be called 😅.

Overall, Mavado is a talented artist.
Check out this week’s artist of the moment Mavado with his track Never Go Win featuring IVoltage.