Word Wednesday: Clayton Jennings- Pain (Spoken Word)

If you’re a spiritual being, I feel there always comes a point where you question if your lord is really there for you. After so many trials and tribulations that we are faced within our lives, we have to ask the question to God “WHY?”.
Within the moment, we may not understand some of the situations and circumstances we are dealt with, but after some time and discernment, you’ll realize that there was a reason for everything you went through, which is why we continue to keep the faith. Sometimes we have to have a lost of faith to understand why we should remain faithful to the most high. You don’t need religion to know God. You don’t have to follow these trends set by man to know the most high. The spirit is within you to know the almighty.

I really felt the passion within this piece presented by Clayton Jennings. Check out his spoken word piece “Pain“.