Artist of the Moment Monday: R.J. Lindsey- Walk

Can we say soulful…

This track is smooth and brings a sense of nostalgia. This track gives a vyb (vibe) of how we 80s and 90s babies rocked to those lover jams back in the day. Sometimes I feel we 90s babies are the last generation of love. Our music growing up was always full of vybz, whether it be the music you snapped your fingers to and 2-stepped, those pop ballads that had a poetic touch, or the music that had you feeling like you were in love without experiencing intimacy because those 80s & 90s slow jams just touched the soul on a different level. I’m a lover gyal as they would say in Florida and the Caribbean. I’m an amorous soul, so songs like this just bring that love out of me. I always preach that this new generation is messed up within the realm of love due to the lack of love within the music that they listen to. We need more artists that can express themselves as this gentleman has on a track. We need more LOVE in the music. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that turn-up music, but you need to balance your soul with some calmness and love as well before you completely forget what love feels like.

Check out this week’s artist of the moment R.J. Lindsey who’s reigning from South Carolina with his melodic track Walk.