Artist of the Moment Monday: ItzRoni- You Don’t Care (Part 2)

You don’t care…

Talk about a beautiful soul on the mic. This song right here catches the heart each time. A wavy sound with elements of pop, hip hop, and R & B combined giving you a unique sound by Sheronika Simeon aka ItzRoni.
ItzRoni was featured on NuRyz Projectz Mixtape I. She opened the mixtape which was mixed by Dj Cashflow Rinse, a popular DJ from Jamaica who’s known for his hype Dancehall mixes. I believe DJ Cashflow Rinse definitely turned this mixtape into a chill, kooln (relaxing), laid back vyb (vibe). I know this was a different realm for Cashflow coming from a world of Dancehall where the music is hyped, to taking different artists with a wavier sound and creating “aj kooln vyb” (a chilled/laidback vyb). I always respect an artist that is willing to jump out of their element to try something new.
ItzRoni was born in Nassau (New Providence), Bahamas. She comes from a multicultural background and speaks English and Creole. She’s a model, dancer, songwriter and so much more. She’s still a teenager, but she keeps herself rather busy at her age.

Check out this week’s artist of the moment ItzRoni with her track You Don’t Care (Part 2). You can hear ItzRoni opening the NuRyz Project Mixtape I on Youtube, Audiomack, and Datpiff. You can follow NuRyz Projectz which is a partnership network between 242 Artist Network (Yah Doctrine) and Lady Mprez to discover more artists that are part of this new underground muisc culture.