Trending Tuesday: Professor Paws- To The Bag (EP)

Professor Paws has caught my ear…

This man’s music has a swaav (smooth) yet gritty sound. Reigning from London, we have Professor Paws an artist and producer who recently dropped a fwecjo EP titled ‘To the Bag’. To the bag says it all. Professor Paws is on the grind! I can see that Professor Paws has really worked towards finding and developing his own sound. I always say I respect an artist that doesn’t sound like every other artist. You can hear the smooth infusion of Dancehall with a dash of Grime on his track ‘Southside Girlwhich gives the track a one of a kind flava (flavour) and shows his versatility within making music. He really caught my attention when he hit with the line “Blowing my mind like she’s owning the mic.” That’s what I call a smooth delivery. Wordplay is on point. Overall the ‘To the Bag’ (EP) was smooth, wavy, and bumping all in one.

Check out Professor Paws’ EP ‘To the Bag’ which is trending on Suntian Naziyon.
You can listen to the whole EP by clicking here.