Artist of the Moment Monday: Osagye- Hurt

“I was no better than you, you were no better than me. The trust is gone, we can just never be”

A reggaeton-type beat with a semi-dark sound, mixed with some elements of hip hop and a swaav (smooth) voice to make you feel the passion of the song, we have Osagye (Aridi) on the track.
The vibe of this track is real. You can feel his hurt when he’s coming to the realization that it’s time to let go of someone he loved that was hurting him. Now if you’ve been in a relationship where you’ve been hurt by someone’s dirty actions, then I know you can feel where this bredo (brother) is coming from. These thoughts he’s having are thoughts I believe many of us have while we’re experiencing this hurt. “When growing old was a goal”, to finally letting that person go. I felt all the emotions he went through on this track. His style is different and his sound stands out. He lined the beat up so well with the lyrics, that when he drops the chorus, you can hear an organ-like instrument (I’m guessing it’s an organ) in the background. The (organ) keys shift the energy of the song at that moment which gives off a semi-dark vyb (vibe). This actually makes you feel the hurt a little more.

Overall, the track is a vyb (vibe), lyricism matches the mood, and the beat brings it all together. Check out this week’s artist of the moment Osagye (Aridi) with his track Hurt.