Artist of the Moment Monday- Rhymes B. Authentic- As Real As It Gets

“We we we, we need a change…”

Rhymes B. Authentic foreal!
Alexis Brown, aka Rhymes B. Authentic, is a bold and vocal artist from Nassau, Bahamas. She’s an entrepreneur, rapper, DJ, and producer. She is an independent artist with her own label [ARB Entertainment] as well. Rhymes B. Authentic made her first real debut with her single “As Real As It Gets” which was featured on the NuRyz I Mixtape. She earned the fire Badge which was the highest badge you could obtain for the mixtape. With a beat that brings a sense of nostalgia, Rhymes B. Authentic flows on this track like she’s been rapping forever. Not only does she catch your attention with her lyricism, but she also conveys a message with it. She expresses how she feels about modern-day society and that WE NEED A CHANGE on her track “As Real As It Gets.”

This is only the beginning and a great start for Rhymes B. Authentic and her career. She has so much more to bring to the world of music.
Check out this week’s artist of the moment, Rhymes B. Authentic with her track As Real as It Gets.