Artist of the Moment Monday: Youngn Lipz- Broken Home

I came from a broken home, a very broken home. Lookin’ my brother in his eyes, told him it’s not his fault.”…

The one thing I love about having a diverse ear when it comes to music, is that I’m willing to listen to all styles of music no matter where it comes from. I decided to take a trip via soundwaves to Australia to check out the Hip Hop scene. I really didn’t know what to expect, because the only artist I really heard of from Australia was Iggy Azelea. I listened to Iggy Azelea before she was known in the states for her songs Black Widow and Fancy. I came across her song Work when she first dropped it, but that’s the only Australian artist I’ve ever really heard of.
So recently, I decided to check out the music scene in Australia and came across this sir here. A wavy Trap like sound infused with elements of RnB, an artist from Sydney known as Youngn Lipz has caught my ear.
Realness. I don’t know how many times I’ve mentioned that I enjoy hearing artist spit some real talk on the mic. To actually do a song within the Hip Hop genre that’s not about alcohol, drugs, strippers and etc., seems to be seldom within certain aspects of the realm of Hip Hop these days. As I continue to watch the music scene grow with different artists, newer genres, and what seems to be a slow shift of musical culture, artist like this revive my excitement within the art of Hip Hop.
A broken home is something I can relate to, and I know many others can relate to. Check out this week’s artist of the moment Youngn Lipz with his track Broken Home.