Fwecjo Friday: Coyote- Tada

“Popped up in the game like TADA”…

This duo definitely did pop up in the game like TADA. Coyote (For Hire) is a duo from California and of Mexican descent (Chicano). I came across Coyote (For Hire) on Instagram. The duo consist of two brothers, Guapo Cort├ęs and Ricky Blanco. Their bars are fwecjo (fire). They are amazing with the freestyle game and have lyrics for days. Their delivery and punchlines are what gravitated me to them.
Their bars are well thought out, they have a natural and unmatched flow mixed with a little goofiness. Their style keeps you tuned into their raps all the way through. Their rap name alone gives you an idea of their personalities, but once you hear the music, it all makes sense. They are truly a one of a kind rap duo. I’ve listened to a bit of their music at this point and y’all know when I find some great artists, I have to put y’all on game. I have been telling some of my peers that I feel like there aren’t many duos, trios, or groups that rap together these days that last long, so finding a SOLID rap group that’s consistent seems to be a rarity. Coyote is definitely on a roll and I can’t wait to see where they’re going to be within the next couple of years. YOTE YOTE!

It’s the weekend baby! Time to get lit! Check out Coyote (For Hire) with their track Tada for this Fwecjo Friday.