Freedom of Speech Friday: Ray Vic (Music)- New Leaders X Lyriq Lashay

New leaders, new black leaders”…

We are within a very pivotal point in history. With so much uprise internationally, there’s so much to talk about from vaccines to the case of Kyle Rittenhouse. There is so much corruption within the justice system that a lot of people have lost faith within it. People of color especially (not like we ever had faith in it before).
It seems whenever we discuss the injustices black people (in particular) have to encounter, it’s like an awkward discussion that people just want to put on the back burner. Remaining silent doesn’t fix the problems though.
Ray Vic isn’t silent at all on this one. He expresses that we need new leaders, new black leaders. Bringing up circumstances like Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown and pondering where our black leaders were when these unfortunate events occurred. On this track, Ray Vic is questioning why he has to teach his son about being extra polite when it comes to the police simply because he’s black. He also questions why he has to console his daughter after a child her age got shot by the police. WHERE ARE THE LEADERS? We have so many out there claiming to be leaders, but it seems when these unfortunate events occur, everyone is ghost.
Black people are tired of living the way they are living. Nobody should ever wake up and have to think “today may be my last day simply due to the color of my skin”. Where’s the proper representation for the black communities?

I always love to present the Freedom of Speech slot simply because it seems to be a rarity to find real good quality music discussing some real life and deep situations these days. To have someone be brave enough to bring up the discussions at hand through their music is something I have full respect for. This artist can be talking about the usual drugs, sex, and etc. like a lot of these mainstream artists, but it takes a REAL voice to speak out against injustices happening in this world.
Check out Ray Vic (Music) and his track New Leaders presented for the Freedom of Speech slot this Friday.