Artist of the Moment Monday: Scotty Trippin-Coupe De Ville x Julius Myth

“This aint emotionless words, it’s the voice that’s knocked down and just wanna be heard. The rose from the curb”…

Talk about real lyricism.
When I was younger, I lived in Florida and remember how I would be on my computer for hours downloading music from up north because on my side of Florida we had a slim selection of hip hop music at the time. Some of my favorite rappers were from New York. The thing I always loved about Northern Rap (northern United States) is that lyricism back in the day was everything. You can have a hot beat, but if those lyrics weren’t hittin’, then the song was no good. When I heard this track, I loved the wavy melody, but the lyricism is what got me. Straight fire. This is real rap. This is real lyricism. This is ART!

I always say I can respect a real artist that’s about the art of music and not trying to follow trends. This track is very genuine and touches the soul. Check out this week’s artist of the moment Scotty Trippin with his track Coupe De Ville X Julius Myth.