Lady Mprez Is on Vacay in MoBay

Bwen rysun mi nazente (Good morning my people). I know you’re wondering what’s been going on with Suntian Naziyon (in good ways I hope). Well we are in the midst of major changes that will help us expand the network. So as the Qween Ambassador for Suntian Naziyon (which is me, Lady Mprez), I’ve decide to take a vacation while management does what they do best and get things sorted out.

So little background on me (if you haven’t read about me before),
I’m an Ameribbean (Suntian slang for someone who is American and of Caribbean heritage) and my parents were from Jamaica. My father had 5 kids. Out of the 5, only two of us were born in America. So this is the 1st time I have gotten to travel to this side of Montego Bay and see where my sister grew up. Even though I’ve traveled multiple times to Jamaica since I was young, there are still so many sides of Jamaica I haven’t seen. So this was my first time getting to see where my older sister grew up. She grew up on top of a hill in Montego Bay. So this shot is me being on top of that hill looking down. Everything looked like a painting looking down.

We’ll be getting back to you all with more content. Love you all and thanks for your support as usual. Stay tuned!