Artist of the Moment: Ms. Kriss- Caramel Coated

Can I pour my love on you, baby.“…

Sis got soul. This is definitely a jam to set the mood. Smooth, sultry, and soulful. This is what we millennials use to call “baby making music“. At times I feel us millennials are the last generation of love. We lived in an era of love despite all the chaos that was happening in the world. Our generation grew up on what would be known today as “tik tok dances” and we use to sing the hell out of love ballads. Come on, you can’t be a millennial and not sing when you hear the chorus drop to Joe’s “I Wanna Know.” So my body can’t help but to sway from left to right when my ears hear a smooth tune such as this one.
Check out this week’s artist of the moment reining from St. Louis, MO. Lady Mprez presents Ms. Kriss with her track Caramel Coated.