Artist of the Moment: Yaadcore – Ghetto Youths

“Cuh dis ah di land weh mi love. Land weh mi born. Land weh mi ancestors plant corn…”

I’m feeling some rockaz vybz ryt (right) now. Time to lay back, light a spliff, and catch a vyb (vibe).

One thing I always enjoyed about Reggae muzik (music), was Reggae’s boldness. Reggae music is known to always be a vocal form of expression through its unique blends of drums, guitars, and other instruments. I grew up in a Jamaican household, so the culture of Reggae music hits differently for me. This style of Reggae was called Rootz (Roots) or Kulture (Culture) in my household. This is what I consider the rebel side of Reggae. I would hear this style of Reggae played often at my father’s house.

One thing I always appreciate is an artist that can convey a message within their music. Yaadcore definitely gave off some rockaz vybz on this one as he builds a song speaking on the corruption within these streets that the youths are exposed to. Especially, gun violence.

Check out this week’s Artist of the Moment, Yaadcore, with his track Ghetto Youths.