Artist of the Moment: Big Kuza- Love You Like I Love You

“He don’t love you like I love you. He don’t need you like I need you.”…

Some wavy vybz (vibes) on this wun (one). I know a lot of us have been in a situation where we see someone we’re feeling dealing with someone who’s not worthy of that person’s love, especially when you know you can treat this person better. This track is melodic and heart felt, with a little hood vyb to it. So you know we’re here for it.

I’ve been following this artist for a little while now. I think it’s the Flawda vybz (Florida vibes) that reeled me in. What can I say, his Instagram be lit.
Check out this week’s artist of the moment, Big Kuza, with his track “Love You Like I Love You”.