Trending: Jada Kingdom- GPP

“I put it down on the wrong one”…

Are we all on the same frequency right now? Talk about a relatable song for many out there.
JADA KINGDOM. First, I have to say the way she advertised this release was definitely impressive. She caught my attention with all the little teasers for her track GPP. The teasers were cute, funny, and I feel she found a common ground to have this song and video relatable to older and newer generations. The Ms. Cleo styled reference of her skits were relatable for the older generations, and the use of the tarot cards reeled in the newer generations. Then she used a 70s style type beat that will get you into your feelings an she enriched it with her jazzy voice whilst still giving us some dashes of yaawd (relating to Jamaica) culture. This track is a vyb (vibe). The video was creative and shows many characteristics of what Jada Kingdom embodies. Femininity, goddess, and more empowering traits. Even though she embodies these characteristics, she’s still human. She still has lessons to learn from this life. When you listen to the lyrics, you can tell Jada Kingdom was just having fun, yet as you watch the video, you see her posing as a man paints on a canvass. You would expect him to paint Jada, but he painted a beautiful rose. When I say Jada Kingdom got deep on this, all I can do is clap my hands. You all know I love art of all forms and I have to give Jada her roses for a very well planned out project. I love to watch the growth of an artist foreal.

Check out Jada Kingdom with her track GPP which is trending on Suntian Naziyon.