Artist of the Moment: Magnolia Park- Don’t Be Racist

“Black lives only matter for a moment. You only say it if it’s profit or promotion”…

Talk about getting deep. I’m here for it.
I’m so for more representation in Rock culture for people of different backgrounds, especially of the African diaspora.
A lover of rock music myself, I recently wrote about the challenges of having mocha skin and loving rock music in a recent post (referencing Rock band Cinnamon Babe and their track Rock ‘N’ Roll is Black) and expressed that loving Rock music doesn’t take away from my “blackness”. I love rock music. Why am I being made to feel that I’m less black for it?
This is why it’s very refreshing to see more diversity within the rock game.

I recently came across Magnolia Park on Instagram and had to take a listen. Reigning from Orlando, Florida (Flawda), Magnolia Park has been paving their way through the music world since they formed back in 2019. The band consists of lead vocalist Joshua Roberts, bassist Jared Kay, guitarists Tristan Torres and Freddie Criales, drummer Joe Horsham, and keyboardist Vincent Ernst. Infusing different backgrounds and sounds, Magnolia Park definitely stands out in the world of Rock. With elements of Emo, Hip Hop, and Pop all infused together, you get to enjoy different vybz (vibes) within one track. That’s solid.

Check out this week’s artist of the moment, Magnolia Park, with their track Don’t Be Racist.