Trending: Trevis- Let Me know [Floor Plan EP]

Talk about some sweet vybz (vibes)…

Trevis brings that with his latest track “Let Me Know” which is one of his songs featured on his latest EP project Floor Plan.

Floor Plan seems to take you through a wavy journey into an aspect of Trevis’ love life. With nothing but vybz (vibes) of love through its peaks and its downfalls, you get to hear a vulnerable side of Trevis.
I always say (me being an artist myself), it’s not always easy to share that vulnerable side of yourself when you’re so use to only sharing it with a pad and paper. It takes a lot to get into a studio and release these emotions that you don’t just share with any and everybody, but when you do, it’s so freeing.

Check out Trevis‘ R&B and Dancehall infused track “Let Me Know” which is trending on Suntian Naziyon and is featured on his EP “Floor Plan”.