Artist of the Moment: Queen Omega- Wise Queens x Kushite & Jalifa

“No surrender, no retreat, we ah Jah Jah soldier”…

Can you say vybz (vibes)! This track is pure fire. Fwecjo! These sistras (sisters) rose my spirit with this one. Nothing but pure consciousness and soul. When I say the Rasta spirit was burning on this track, I mean the fire was BLAZING!
If you know how much it means to me to see artists that continue to utilize their music to uplift and heal thy people, then you’d understand why I appreciate a track such as this one.
The current culture of music is so tainted these days. With nothing but songs about sex, guns, and violence, these songs do nothing but lower its listener’s vibrations. So to hear this song and have my vibrations lifted instantaneously, I can’t do nothing but pay respects to these queens for this one. They had me marching out to this beat like a true soulja (soldier) of the Almighty Yah (Jah).

Queen Omega, reigning from the beautiful Caribbean Island of Trinidad, teams up with Kushite and Jalifa to bring us a powerful tune that hits the soul. Delivering Rasta vybz along with a strong message about rising against corruption, check out this week’s artist of the moment with their track Wise Queens.