Artist of the Moment: Ikaya – Dissloyalty

“I’m too loyal for disloyalty”…

Talk about a relatable vyb (vibe). I think we’ve all been in a situation before where we gave love and loyalty to someone who probably didn’t deserve it. This video speaks volumes. I felt the pain and hurt just watching this video, especially because I at one point was in a fairly similar situation. Giving your whole heart to someone just for them to do you so dirty can really drain the sweetness out of you. This track is hitting. Definitely not the usual modern-day reggae/dancehall vybz we’re used to, but that’s the reason why I had to write about it. This is a track that is talking about real-life situations. The melody is good, her vocals are on point, and the video is creative. We need more songs in Dancehall that are relatable and can help people through their pain.

Check out this week’s artist of the moment Ikaya with her track Dissloyalty.