Artist of the Moment: Adi Oasis – Multiply

“I feel it when I’m next to you. Wanna make a baby.”…

Girl saaaanggggggggggg! Yessss! Talk about a vyb (vibe). This girl killed this whole song. She got me listening to this song wanting to make a baby foreal. Now you know a song that got you feeling like making a baby is a song that you got to add to your playlist (checkout my playlists on Spotify). The melody is funky, her voice is soulful, and the sound is just so unique and wavy. Like a wavy and funky infused sound isn’t something we’re use to hearing these days on mainstream platforms for music, but bebe (baby), this song is hitting on every level that it needs to be on major mainstream platforms (I think underground music platforms are better platforms for good quality music though, because mainstream is just trash these days).
This lovely French-Caribbean soul sister and bassist (like how can’t you love a woman that plays the bass) is bringing some love to the music, which is really missed in today’s current era of music. LOVE. I’m such a luva gaal (lover’s girl). I grew up with a mum who was born in the 40s and a father from the 60s, and they only listened to music that moved the soul. They didn’t care what we (their kids) listened to, but when it came to playing music in their household, if it wasn’t conscious or brought these type of vybz (vibes) that this artist brought, then you better “lock eet off” (turn it off) as they would say. This energy is well needed right now in the music world. We need to bring the love back to the music. I’m glad this sister is doing just that.

Check out this week’s artist of the moment Adi Oasis with her track Multiply.