Lady Mprez in Colombia

Bwen Rysun my beautiful people.
I know, it’s been a minute. Seems like we’ve slowed down over this past year, but that’s simply because I’ve been on a path of a lot of changes. Most for the better. Also traveling. You know a sister can’t sit still long.

Even though I love bringing you all new content, it’s been a little more delayed due to me getting somethings together. I know late last year I wrote a post telling you all about changes to come, and there definitely were plenty, but I’m in the midst of another revamp. Not only have I been working on getting a business in order, I’ve been working on revamping and expanding the Lady Mprez and Suntian Naziyon brand. The best part of this revamp is obtaining a solid team, and me slowly jumping into the world of PR (Public Relations). Seems like I was somewhat in that world, but it’s on another level now. I’ve come across working with so many different artists, attended a variety of different venues and events, and have been back in the studio myself to bring you all some heat in the near future. I’m all about the art of music, so I’m going to be working hard with my team to bring about a new culture of music that reflects the art. I want to bring back that love to the music and use it to heal many souls. So I’ve teamed up with a few entities that I have collaborated and networked with, and you will be seeing us push out some great content in the next few months. I will still continue to bring you all music, but just in different ways.

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Like usual, I want to thank you all for your consistent support of Lady Mprez, Suntian Naziyon, and all entities I may be tied too. We’ve come so far with all your continued support and it never goes unappreciated. Thank you all once again for tuning in! I also recently returned from Colombia and almost didn’t come back to the USA. I’m also getting together a vlog for you all to see how my trip to Colombia was.

Pazani jan cjemor!
(Peace and love!)