The title says it all. Jamaica Needs A Change!
The eclectic upcoming group Lotus Musik, which consist of members KTMusik [Kemar Thomas] and JonJamesMusik [Jon-James Gayle], speaks to the immediate social problem of crime in the nation of Jamaica. This song was written by the group as a tribute to two close relatives, Jevannie Gordon and Ferrol Bedward, who were both victims of gun violence within the country. It was also written to bring awareness of the violence that’s haunting the streets of Jamaica. Lotus Musik hopes for this song to help change the narrative and speak for the hurting mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and for all citizens of the island to find a better way to resolve their disputes instead of resorting to violence. Not only does this song speak greatly to the community of Jamaica, but it is also relatable to other communities internationally that are experiencing the same turmoil due to gun violence. This is a conscious and melodic tune used as an outcry to the world to recognize that Jamaica needs a change.

Both members of Lotus Musik are philanthropists that are pushing on their movement “God is Mvn” which is a program geared towards making an impact through various charity exercises to serve various entities, individuals, and social groups such as the homeless, childrens’ homes, nursing homes, and more.

Lotus Musik hopes that these initiatives will change the lives of many and also impact the world by large. What Lotus Musik hopes to achieve from this song is sending a message of a needed change for Jamaica and that people will act upon the message to make Jamaica (and the world) a better place.
Jamaica Needs a Change can be streamed on Youtube.