Quit Hating on Big Women and Humble Yourselves

Sorry about doing this post in a towel, but this was heavy on my heart to discuss after seeing so many videos MAINLY from smaller black women and Eurocentric men making remarks such as “A man only dates a big woman for her finances” or “A man only dates a big woman because he can’t do any better”… Everybody has their preference and I’m thankful for growing up in a Caribbean culture where we’re not shallow about weight. We simply call you what you are. If you’re a fat man, you get names like Biggz or biggaz. If you’re a big woman, you’re called Fluffy, Fatty, or Tikkumz. If you’re a small woman, you’re called Slimmaz. If you have big feet, they call you Big Foot. It’s just a part of the culture. But for some reason, I seem to hear this discussion mainly from the Western culture. American culture is truly shallow in regards to beauty standards especially when it comes to people having a little weight on them. I wanted to inform many, but especially my American sisters who keep complaining about us big women, why men rather date us over them… It’s all about HUMILITY. Humble yourselves and check your attitude sis! #bbw #biggirls #humility #realtalk #relationships #blackrelationships