Lady Mprez Presents Nuryz Projectz: Mixtape II

The Ameribbean Qween [Lady Mprez] is at it again. She has brought us another collaborative mix.
Lady Mprez is known for staying behind the scenes, but she continues to expose the world to unique music talents that you wouldn’t usually hear on mainstream radio. 

Lady Mprez presents NuRyz Projectz: Mixtape II. Hosted by Dj Rootbeer from the 242, a.k.a, The Bahamas. 

Lady Mprez collaborates with producer Muzikman and his artists under Positive Vibes Productions to bring back some root vibes to modern-day music. This mix has Ameribbean written all over it. With sounds influenced by Caribbean and American culture, you get a wavy infusion of Reggae, Dancehall, Gospel, RnB, and Hip Hop. There’s no discrimination when it comes to the ears of Lady Mprez and music. Dj Rootbeer brings the vybz with this mix. 

The following artists are featured on this mix:

Broken Psylens | D Messanger | Dangerboxx | Empress Neysa | I Bit | Jahdeez | KTMusik | Kyle C. Thomas |
Lady Mprez | Leon Darryl ATMoney | Muzikman | Redz | Rhymes B. Authentic | Sir Wiz | Skyy Divinity | WoZeen | 

Yung Zee | Zion Freeman |

Lady Mprez is known for writing about music and exposing the world to a new culture of underground music. As a producer at NuRyz Projectz, Lady Mprez is working on influencing a shift in the current music culture by bringing about a “new rise” (Nuryz) of artists with natural talent that you wouldn’t find on your typical mainstream platforms. Lady Mprez is all about exposing raw and natural talent and this mix demonstrates that.
NuRyz Projectz: Mixtape II  will be streaming on the following platforms:  | Youtube |