Artist of the Moment: Sarah La Morena – Tres Veces Te Engañe

“Tres Veces Te Engañe”

Can we talk about una voz bella (a beautiful voice)!
This sister has caught my ear. The first time I heard her sing, my spirit was lifted. Her voice just touches the soul.
I grew up in a household full of diversity when it comes to music and I also grew up in Florida where you’re exposed to a variety of cultures. Some of my closest friends were Chicanos growing up, so I was exposed to Merengue, Cumbia, and Mariachi in my early school days. My taste in music is all over the place, but I have an appreciation for all genres.
Even though there’s a lot of diversity within the Latin culture of music, seeing a woman of the African Diaspora sing Mariachi just seems to be a rare sighting and something I heavily respect.

Check out this week’s artist of the moment, Sarah La Morena with her cover to Tres Veces Te Engañe.