Fwecjo Feature: Blaine Legendary – This is Florida


If you don’t know by now, I’m a Flawda (Florida) Native. I love my state no matter what anyone says. Does Florida have its characters, of course. What place doesn’t? But after traveling across the states and overseas, I have got to say, there’s no place like Florida. The culture is so dope and it’s been hard to find another place in the USA like Florida. Florida is the most southern state in the continental US, yet the more south you travel down Florida, the more Latin and Caribbean it becomes. Florida is a unique state. Every coast is different culturally and the more north you travel up Florida, the more southern the accents become. I know I know, we’re backwards, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Florida is always a vibe and I’m glad to see more of the culture being exposed to the world verses just hearing about the “Florida Man” culture.

Florida has a unique music culture as well. One thing we love is a melodic and wavy sound with a lot of bass. Florida has so much music running through the state due to the diversity in state, that there’s music you probably never heard of in your life that you’ll hear in Florida. I came across this man’s song randomly on Instagram and just loved it. I love the beat (You know I gotta have bass) and the delivery of his verses showed a lot of his personality in this song. Floridian’s have a rather sarcastic tone, yet we’re very laid back. But we also have a rather spicy side to us due to the heat (the sun does something to us). So the nicest person can switch very quickly, but I love my Florida.

This is a style of music I have labeled as “Flawda Bass”.
Check out this fwecjo (fire) feature who goes by Blaine Legendary with his track This is Florida.