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The one thing I truly enjoyed about growing up in a Caribbean household was how my parents were all about GROWING their own food. Before Hurricane Charley came, I was able to go to my backyard and eat whatever I wanted. Soursop, sweetsop, ackee, lemon, orange, coconut, avocado, tomato, watermelon, guava, pineapple. You name it, my mum most likely had it.

Turmeric Tuesday


Today we talk about turmeric…
Turmeric? I know some people haven’t heard of this word, much less of the herb, but turmeric is one of the main ingredients found in curry. Belonging to the ginger family (which I didn’t even know, but should’ve due to its shape, but that’s what happens when you get it in the powder or ground form of course; how was I suppose to know 🤷🏽‍♀️), turmeric is a plant native to South-east Asia, prominently, India. You’ll also find this plant grown in China, Jamaica, Haiti, Peru, and Indonesia.