Therapy Thursday [Ayurveda]: Sunny D’ Spice (JUICE)

The one thing I truly enjoyed about growing up in a Caribbean household was how my parents were all about GROWING their own food. Before Hurricane Charley came, I was able to go to my backyard and eat whatever I wanted. Soursop, sweetsop, ackee, lemon, orange, coconut, avocado, tomato, watermelon, guava, pineapple. You name it, my mum most likely had it.

Unfortunately, Hurricane Charley did a number on my mum’s garden (more like jungle) and killed out a lot of her trees and vegetation. They never grew back the same after, so it resulted in us having to actually go grocery shopping for the basics. As I grew older, I started to realize the importance of natural food and how it really should be a major part of anyone’s lifestyle. One thing I enjoyed the most were my mum’s juices. You need to taste my mum’s carrot juice, it’s to die for, but I’ve kept that part of my culture and juice until this day. So I’ve decide to share some juice blends that I do to keep healthy and that can also help revitalize certain aspects of your health.

Here’s one I call Sunny D’ Spice. Not that fake juice like Sunny Delight 😅. Sunny D’ Spice is a simple mixture of yellow watermelon, ginger, honey, and water. All you have to do is blend the yellow watermelon flesh, add a piece of ginger (a teaspoon cut size will do), honey (sweeten to your liking), and water (add less water if you want it like a smoothie).
The yellow water melon has all the same benefits as the red watermelon. It aids in digestion, reduces stress, aids in hydration, it contains compounds that may help prevent cancer, boost your libido, relieves muscle pain, lowers inflammation, is good for your skin and hair, and also is one of the fruits with lesser calories. But one of the added benefits to yellow watermelon is that it aides in eye health. Ginger is good for healing your stomach and to assist in digestion. Honey is rich in antioxidants and helps improve cholesterol.

I follow some of the teachings of the great and late Dr. Sebi and grew up not taking medicine. If I ever got sick, I was sent to the kitchen and utilized herbs, fruits, and vegetables to get me back right. As we grow more conscious and the world starts to realize that all the medicine they need is within their foods, I believe that a lot more people will start really watching what they put into their bodies. Food is the cause of so many diseases and health issues, so food is most likely the cure. Start stacking up on your FARMacy. It doesn’t matter your size or physique, it’s all about how you feel on the inside. So take care of yourself by ingesting the good stuff.