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Work of Art Wednesday: Carlos Daniel (Art)

Art is a form of expression that can connect with many. You can place 3 people in front of a painting, and each person may have a different perspective of what the painting portrays. Art is meant to impact people in different ways. I’ve always been a fan of art. We’re all attracted to different forms of art. Some may say the paintings of Michelangelo and Da Vinci are considered “art”, and people like me may think graffiti murals on buildings in the Wynwood district of Miami are art. We all see art differently.

Work of Art Wednesday: Fat Bat Dana

I truly don’t know what it is about this character (actually I do know what it is), but I gravitated towards Dana from the first time I seen a picture of her. I believe the reason why I gravitated to her was because she reminded me of me. Her style and personality somewhat reflects mine.

When I was younger and beginning my teen phase, I was that black girl who didn’t talk or act black according to my black peers. I dressed like a punk rocker or goth (there’s clearly a difference between the Punk and Goth culture), enjoyed anime, was somewhat of a demagogue who had a very witty and sarcastic personality (still do), and was a lover of rock music. This depiction of a black girl was a taboo during my era. I wasn’t allowed to exist in the world according to society, yet I did.