Work of Art Wednesday: Carlos Daniel (Art)

Art is a form of expression that can connect with many. You can place 3 people in front of a painting, and each person may have a different perspective of what the painting portrays. Art is meant to impact people in different ways. I’ve always been a fan of art. We’re all attracted to different forms of art. Some may say the paintings of Michelangelo and Da Vinci are considered “art”, and people like me may think graffiti murals on buildings in the Wynwood district of Miami are art. We all see art differently.

King Carlos Daniel is the artist of all these beautiful pieces. When I first came across one of his works (the 3rd picture in the first row), I was captivated by it. Now I do enjoy art, but I don’t find myself going through somebody’s work often unless I am truly impressed by it. Carlos Daniel’s art definitely has me captivated each time. It’s modern, sensual, captivating, and unique. He has different works from (realistic) portraits to different forms of cartoon characters. I was also impressed by his Afro version of Bubbles from the Power Puff Girls (Bubbles was my favorite Powerpuff Girls).

Art has a way of shifting the mind and expanding the consciousness. I always push on seeing more black artist works because I feel the African Diaspora doesn’t get to see themselves in art often. “We don’t need to divide black, we need to diversify.” I will continue to preach this phrase until diversity within the African culture is normal. If Africans were able to see themselves in diverse forms through art, media, and music, I feel the African Diaspora would be more willing to accept the diversity that’s truly within their culture. Can you imagine the impact more Afro Art can do for the culture. You would have more yutz (youth) accepting their individuality because they would be able to see the diversity within their culture. There would be no shame of trying to fit into a monolithic stereotype of what a Black person should look like when we’re able to see a Black person in various styles. It would be normal for black people to enjoy their individuality and have a sense of identity within a world that consistently tries to make us forget who we are.

I’m feeling Carlos Daniel’s work. It’s sexy and captivating. I love the portrayal of black love in a lot of his pieces. Sad to say, but we seldomly see the portrayal of black love within media. It’s so common for us to see our people divided, that when we do see some expression of love, we tend to detest it. We need more portrayals of black love. We need more Afro art within mainstream media so that it can be normal for the world to see our culture in a more affectionate light.

Thank you King Carlos Daniel’s for blessing the world with your art and allowing me to share it on Suntian Naziyon. Please continue expressing yourself with your art, because believe it or not, your art is influencing a culture that is in need of some love and affection.

You can click here to follow Carlos Daniels drawings and to be linked to more of his work.