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Tun(e)-Up Tuesday: Jah9- Hardcore (Remix) Feat. Chronixx

As I take a little kickback and reflect on how happy I am to be alive, I think about how much I have grown as a person and that life can change within a matter […]

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Topic Tuesday: Questioning Christopher Columbus Day

I remember going to middle school in America and learning about Christopher Columbus being the 1st man to discover the Americas, while going back to a Caribbean household who had me thinking outside of the box. Can you imagine the confusion? Asking the question “How did Christopher Columbus discover America when there were already people on the land?”

World News Wednesday: Venezuela Protest

Today we talk about the protest going on in Venezuela.
Now, if you’ve been following me, back in January, I did a flash news report on different countries uprising against their current elected leaders. There’s so much corruption going on in the world and it seems like it’s all happening at the same time, but today we focus on Venezuela.