Trending: Jah9- Hardcore (Remix) Feat. Chronixx

As I take a little kickback and reflect on how happy I am to be alive, I think about how much I have grown as a person and that life can change within a matter of minutes. With all the little stressors in life that causes us anxiety, we need to calm our souls and relieve some of it. It’s crucial that you start your day off on a different frequency to set the tone for the rest of the day. You need some upliftment, some motivation to kick you into gear. Yet you also need some spiritual healing to keep your mind focused and your soul free. Get your mind intune with the flow of life. So let’s kick our day off with two artist I highly rate, Jah9 and Chronixx.

Both these artist have very profund minds and express their thoughts in a poetic manner when put to music. Straight poetry whenever I hear these artists’ tracks. Take a listen to Jah9’s words towards the end of this track. Realize that life is too short to be worried over the little things. Keep your faith strong and remember, everything shall pass. Keep your mind optimistic and your thoughts positive so you can maneuver smoothly through today.

Blessed day ladies and gentz(s) 😉 !