Fwecjo Friday: Mr. Killa- Run Wid It

It seems so weird to spell vibes without it being in slang [vybz].
But any who, happy Friday and happy Sabbath. I don’t know what your vybz are tonight, but I am always ready for a Friday. Whether it’s chilling at home playing video-games, or out and about with my cup of WHO KNOWS (you really don’t know what to expect with me) and dancing to WHO KNOWS (a little liquor influence will make me dance to anything).

It seems the Soca scene has been catching my ear lately. It has always caught my ear, but recently, I’ve been really feeling the vybz. What you’ll notice is that I dabble into all types of music, especially when I’m starting to lose the vybz from other genres.
Every genre of music has a hot peak where it seems like everyone is listening to that genre heavily. Right now, the Soca vybz is lit (I really hope I don’t have to break down the word lit. I think my dad even knows what lit means).
I truly enjoy Soca because it’s usually on a positive level.
Soca is all about enjoying life, partying, fetes, rum, dancing, and love. How can you go wrong with that. So when I’m ready to get wild and jump out of a window, Soca it is!
Mr. Killa is the man of the hour.
Now, if you’re not familiar with the “Rolly Polly” artist, then it’s time that I introduce you to Mr. Killa. “Run Wid It!” That song has literally had me running in my crib every time it’s turned on. It got to the point where I had to stop listening to it in the crib because I started running into things that didn’t need to be ran into (walls, closets, etc).

Hollice Jonah Mapp aka Mr. Killa [June 4th, 1984].
Reigning from the beautiful island of Grenada, Mr. Killa has really stood out in the world of Soca. Rarely do you see the Caribbean country of Grenada in the mainstream Soca scene. It’s just seldomly seen. So Mr. Killa has really opened up doors for Grenada when it comes to music. Mr. Killa started doing music when he was 10. He started off doing Dancehall but eventually ventured into Soca when he was 17.
This guy’s energy is on a whole nother level. You can really tell he enjoys music. His energetic dance moves and overall energy is what will have you hooked to Mr. Killa. Let’s not also forget his comical side which he presents in his videos. Rolly Polly was one of his smash hits. This was a song dedicated to the fluffy woman. The curvier girls. The fully figured women. Di phatties. However you may describe the ladies with a little extra meat, but the video went viral (#TeamBigGirls HEYYYYYY). He has had so many hits over the years and has built up a reputation as an amazing performer. Now, he’s here with another unique chune, “Run Wid it“. Once again, another song to show the comical side of Mr. Killa as he hears a voice in his head, which is rum, telling him to pick up something and RUN WID IT. Now if you have an understanding of the Soca vybz, then you know when the hook drops, you start to run.
With that being said, enjoy your weekend and be safe partying.

Madd luv from your favorite Yanksta!