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Artist of the Moment Monday: Ashana Finesse- Yuh Like It x Marlon Easy x Christopher Martin

You wanna be my sugar, you wanna be mi luva bwoy… Definitely loving the vybz on this one. Fresh, sazzy (sassy), and sexy. Check out this week’s artist of the moment Ashana Finesse with her […]

Fwecjo Friday: Mr. Killa- Run Wid It

It seems so weird to spell vibes without it being in slang [vybz].
But any who, happy Friday and happy Sabbath. I don’t know what your vybz are tonight, but I am always ready for a Friday. Whether it’s chilling at home playing video-games, or out and about with my cup of WHO KNOWS (you really don’t know what to expect with me) and dancing to WHO KNOWS (a little liquor influence will make me dance to anything).

Music Monday’s Artist of the moment: Nessa Preppy- Majah


Dis ah different kind ah vyb!” That it is. This gyal right here definitely is bringing a different kind of vibe to the world of music. Introducing, Nessa Preppy.

Vanessa John aka Nessa Preppy, is from the beautiful island of Trinidad. It really sparked my interest to find out that she was actually born in Germany. Her father is German and her mother is Trini. Sometimes we forget how diverse the world is because we’re so use to stereotypes.