Thought of the Day Thursday

2019-04-18 (4)I’ll keep it short…
This quote speaks some many horizons. Our minds are a lot stronger than we know, which is why we have to be thoughtful about the thoughts we put out in the world. Your thoughts are a part of you.

“What you think, you become.” – If you are told consistently that you’re dumb,  you’re going to start to believe that you’re dumb. We allow society to label us to the point that we actually start to believe these labels. We don’t realize how these labels bring about insecurity and uncertainty within ourselves. This is why you have to find the love within yourself to label yourself in a more positive manner. If you consistently amp yourself up in the mirror and label yourself in a positive manner, then you’ll start thinking on a more positive level which will lead to you becoming a more positive person. It’s like positive reinforcement at it’s finest.

“What we feel, is what we attract.”– You hear this phrase in so many different ways. How you feel brings about an energy that can have an influence on the environment you’re within. If you feel awkward within a situation, there’s a good possibility something awkward will happen, or you will react in an awkward manner, which will cause an awkward atmosphere. Be careful of the energy you give off, because you will definitely get it back.

“What you imagine, you create.”– I believe anything you picture in your head can be brought to reality. That’s how the greatest ideas come about, by simply using your imagination [every time I say “imagination”, I think of that Spongebob episode]. If you can see it, then you can definitely create it.

Some thoughtful thinking for Thursday:
Remain optimistic. Positive thoughts can only lead to positive results. Do not allow society to judge you and label you. Only God can do that. Once you can come to this understanding that you create the world you live in due to how you think, then you will definitely re-evaluate how you look at certain situations. So meditate on figuring out how you see yourself. Once you figure that out, you have taken another step towards your path of what I like to call “knowledge of thyself”.