Artist of the Moment: Hoodcelebrityy- Inside

Gyal yuh ah walkin’ trophy!

Hoodcelebrityy! You have been chosen for this week’s artist of the moment.
Tina Pinnoch aka Hoodcelebrityy [July 5th, 1991] is an international artist known for her new wave style that she refers to as “Trap Reggae” (Basically it’s trap beats mixed with a reggae influence). She was originally born in St. Catherine, Jamaica and raised in Portmore for part of her childhood. She then relocated to the States when she was a teenager. She moved to the Bronx and at age 14 she knew music was her passion. In her documentary “Hoodcelebrityy: Inna Real Life” , Hoodcelebrityy’s grandmother talks about how Hoodcelebrityy was a little kid dancing in the streets and entertaining people for money, so she knew this was destined for her granddaughter. Hoodcelebrityy has been a hustler since she was young, which is why her name is quite suiting for her. Not only has she come a long way from Jamaica, but she’s quite well known in the hood as a hustler, someone to not mess with, yet personable. She’s not your average girly girl either, she definitely has an edge to her which resonates with her fans.

I got an opportunity to see Hoodcelebrityy perform at the 12th annual “Best of the Best” concert in 2018. Best of the Best is a huge Reggae & Dancehall concert which has expanded and has included Soca & Calypso over the years. The concert takes place in south Florida every year around Memorial weekend (along with every other event that happens that weekend in Florida). I didn’t see her on the original line up, but found out she was on the updated line up list. Her performance kind of took me by surprise because I really didn’t know what to expect. You hear Hoodcelebrityy and automatically think “HOOD” and due to her being a new artist at the time coming from New York, I really didn’t know what to expect (even though I knew she did Dancehall). I was actually captivated by her performance. She was just different in every sense. She came out full of confidence, her style was madd different, and the Dancehall Queen really came out of her on stage. She dropped down into a split and you could truly feel the energy turn up. Not only did she wow a lot of folks, but she made every Yardie proud to see that she didn’t forget her roots (culture). I was impressed by her energy on stage. I got a real good sense of her personality through her performance.

So of course, this is the part where I usually tell you how I came across the artist. Well, Hoodcelebrityy has been on my play list since “Island Girls” which featured her friend from back in the days, Cardi B. Then a few months after, she released “Walking Trophy” which is one of the hits that really blasted off her career. Now she has released a new track called “Inside“. It’s mellow, sexy, and you can really see how she’s growing more into her art.
I love how she has an edgier style (y’all know edgy is my flava [flavor]) that doesn’t compromise her feminine flow. Her feature in Nessa Preppy‘s song “Issa Snack” remix also featuring the King of Soca, Machel Montana, really had me throwing myself into the sofa (I really did jump into the sofa one night). She has really found her sound and the energy on that verse was just untouchable. Keep pushing gyal!

Now here are 3 tracks by Hoodcelebrityy which I’m feeling: