Music Monday’s Artist of the moment: Nessa Preppy- Majah


Dis ah different kind ah vyb!” That it is. This gyal right here definitely is bringing a different kind of vibe to the world of music. Introducing, Nessa Preppy.

Vanessa John aka Nessa Preppy, is from the beautiful island of Trinidad. It really sparked my interest to find out that she was actually born in Germany. Her father is German and her mother is Trini. Sometimes we forget how diverse the world is because we’re so use to stereotypes. Like in the states, when you hear the word Jamaican, people usually associate the word with weed, dreads, jerk chicken, or Bob Marley . Well, when you hear Trini in the states, a lot of people in the states think curry, Indian, and roti. Surprisingly, a lot of people in the states aren’t even aware of the diversity in the Caribbean and aren’t even familiar with the Soca scene. So names like Machel Montano, Alison Hinds, and Bunji Garlin, & Fay-Ann Lyons[I feel like i always have to put those two together since they are married] may be new to you. For someone like me, who was born in Florida, with parents from the islands, Soca is a part of my life! So you can’t come to me with any type of chunes.
Nessa Preppy migrated from Germany to Trinidad when she was 5. She’s been making music since she was in primary school, but her first hit was released in 2012 called “Turn up the Sound”.
How I came across Nessa was on Youtube. I was on a search for some new music (since the hip hop scene has kind of lost my interest at the moment) and to find some new artist to add to my playlist. Of course I was in a party mood, so what better to listen to than some Soca. So as I was searching and I seen  “Issa Snack” and the first thing I thought was, “a Soca song using the slang issa snack???? I got to see this. Hopefully it isn’t some new generation bu*****t.” I clicked and instantaneously felt the vibe of the song. Then I started exploring her other songs like “Tingo” and “Majah” and was just HIGHLY impressed. The creativity, the flow, and it was just DIFFERENT. Her music doesn’t sound like anything you’d hear on today’s radio, which is a good thing, because radio has become repetitive as well. What really caught me was her look and the confidence that she presents. When I heard the intro to her song “Majah”, I had to subscribe. Not only is that something I would say, but the dialogue was so unexpected that I couldn’t help but to follow her on Instagram. She talks with such profoundness and it’s very enlightening to see someone from my generation bringing something different to the table instead of sounding like everyone else.
So this is the reason Nessa Preppy is my pick for Artist of the Moment. Fresh, original, profound, yet rebellious. I’m loving the vybz! So I’m sharing her song “Majah” with y’all. I’ve had this song on repeat for days now. Keep the fire coming Nessa Preppy! This one’s for my Soca and Dancehall massive!