Turn Up Thursday: Lady Mprez- Pull on the Block Feat. Sharde Live

Latesha Monique Whittaker [2/12/1991] better known by her stage moniker Lady Mprez, is an Entrepreneur from Southwest Florida. She was born in Naples, Florida and has lived in various parts of Florida such as Broward County, Miami-Dade County, and Lee County.

Lady Mprez had a love for writing from when she was young. Lady Mprez entered her first poetry contest when she was in middle school and won. From then, she realized writing was her forte. Lady Mprez also wondered into the music world when she started playing the viola in her school orchestra. Lady Mprez’s mother realized her daughter had a good singing voice and encouraged her daughter to take up choir, but Lady Mprez didn’t have a passion for singing at the time.

As Lady Mprez hit her teen years, which came along with a lot of family struggles, Lady Mprez put her passions on the back burner and focused on working. Despite Lady Mprez being a clever young lady, she had a lot of difficulty in school. She couldn’t get with the culture and wanted to drop out in middle school, but her mother made her stick it out until she got her High School Diploma.

Once Lady Mprez received her diploma, she attempted to go to college. Lady Mprez just could not get with the vibe of school. While the professors were teaching, Lady Mprez would be writing poetry and rhymes in her note book. She realized while going back to school, that her passion was within writing and music. She attempted to go back to college twice, but due to her work schedule and the financial demand of college, she decided that she didn’t have to go to school to be successful.
After years of traveling and working different gigs within Hospitality, Social Work, and Security, Lady Mprez’s passion for writing started to boil more than ever. Lady Mprez then quit her job as a Social Security Case Manager at a law firm to pursue her music full time. Lady Mprez decided to grind full time with the music and has been on a journey since.